SG & Associates is a network of seasoned and skilled professionals, and their proteges’,  across a wide spectrum.   Each is independently contracted either by our client, or through us, to perform exemplary services or feats, in a most professional and satisfying manner for the client.   Each associate is further vetted for congruence  to our core values and beliefs.  We choose our associates as carefully as we ask them to choose us.

SG & Associates succeeds because we listen,  share insights, are candid and capable in setting deliverable expectations.  These pillars are constant and contribute to client satisfaction.

Since 2001, SG & Associates has proudly served a diverse community in  business and communities across the country and around the world.  We are deeply rooted in complex, corporate financial and enterprise systems.  Using that expertise, we incorporate in-depth and integrated analysis of all situations, uncommon to many seeking solutions or assistance.

SG & Associates focuses on those in charge, seeking introduction, or in need of guidance in their current or new endeavors.      We cover private, data-center, cloud or web-based  applications, SAAS, and more, running proprietary or open-source systems focus on both data and image – processing.   Industries served include Technology,  Financial Services and markets, Real Estate,  Non-Profits, Event Services, The Arts;  Entrepreneurs, Athletes,  Education and Health.

SG & Associates offers currency in best practices and supporting tools in order to maintain its own, and encourage others to achieve, integrity, efficiency, productivity, transparency and sustainability.   Candor and capability drive our services.

SG & Associates is not a consulting company,  though we do provide consulting and guidance.  We are not a n IT company, though we are steeped in all aspects thereof.  We are not a  non-profit corporation, though much of our work is delivered pro-bono. We are not  continuing member of any groups dedicated to their own purposes.  We never compromise what we believe to be right, the  law, humanity or ethical principles,  personally or business related.  Our integrity is even more important than our deliverables.  We are not for everyone.