Opportunities at SG & Associates come in many ways:

  • Staff and Services for SG & Associates core business, below
  • Support, donation, volunteers, ALL Services for BenefitAll
  • Volunteers, coordinators for Christmas Trees of Hope, part of BenefitAll
  • Participation in Vision of Unity and Peace, and its 2,000+ fine-art paintings and path of charity toward peace.

SG & Associates welcomes  experts and interns across many disciplines, always in service to creating a better humanitarian existence..    Whether directly for administration of SG  & Associates, or one of our projects or clients, we welcome your inquiry.

Currently, SG & Associates seeks seasoned Associates in:

  • Web, Graphic and Photography
  • CPA and Legal Services
  • Administrative and Event Coordination
  • Technology Experts including development and administration of apps, social media, web, CRM, ERP and related functions.

Please CONTACT US for details or interest.



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