An accomplished native of South Bend, Indiana;  Student at Indiana and Purdue Universities focused on Education, Math and Computer Science;   Professional whose technology and business career spanned Associates Investment, NCR, Montgomery Ward,  AON, SPR and JD Edwards, and their client bases.

Expertise  in analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of systems and data-centers across  retail (sales, credit, finance,  M&A, direct marketing, insurance, clubs, distribution, inventory control) , manufacturing, transportation, (ERP, CRM, E-Commerce), Financial markets, services, for and not-for profit businesses,  entrepreneurs and beyond.

A committed wife, mother and daughter who dedicated over a decade to the creation and support of Chicago’s National Historic District Sheridan Park,  AIDs care and fundraising, Community events for children and families and more.   A life-long, purpose-driven professional serving in all aspects.

A dedicated professional who returned for Y2K to join her international peers in delivering exemplary results to clients, but more importantly, superior training and skills development to her teams.    After relocation to California and extensive work in the financial market trading arena, (software and services), an advocate for financial services transparency, education and intelligence which was parlayed across international trading and financial arenas and their clients.


R. Mathew Girulat, III, Operating Assistant, SG & Associates.

A native of Chicago, studied in Hinsdale, Ilinois; Arizona State University Alumnae.    Commodities Broker trained; seasoned purveyor of statistical, logical and analytical information and scenarios.  Keen asset in defining, designing or implementing effective presentations, events or critiques.   Financial market trader,  poker player and member of the TRaids back-testing software and Colleagues in Trading teams.   Administrative, humanitarian and related support of projects and associates using state-of-the art technology and tools.

Mike Richardson, Photographer /Founder, Richardson Photography; 

One of five veteran photographers, nationwide, skilled in detailed capture of intricate and fine items using the Betterlight Scanback, Sinar Camera and Northlight lighting.   Serving Boeing, USC, Yahoo sports, Art Galleries and Museums, on site or in our studio.    Adept in videography, Adobe Suites and graphics applications.  30 years of experience capturing people, places and ‘things’ with a focus on sports,  Hawaii and fine arts in his own, and private, locations from his home base of Torrance, CA.

Helen Butler, Graphics Designer/Founder, Butler Graphics

Esteemed graphics designer for numerous local magazine, organizations and businesses; skilled costumer for assorted Hollywood productions;  Head graphics coordinator for Ehsan’s Vision of Unity and Peace, BenefitAll and SG & Associates. 



Ehsan Khanaman,  Artist / Founder,  Vision of Unity and Peace.

Ehsan Khanaman, Founder, Vision of Unity and Peace
Ehsan Khanaman, Founder, Vision of Unity and Peace

Michael Nelson, Photographer /Founder, Grafx8

One of five photographers, nationwide, skilled in capture of specific items of value,  using Betterlight scanback, Sinar Camera and Northlight setups.   Ten years of training in all areas of media capture, edit and presentation from his own studio, in Minton, NV. 

Mark Montgomery, Photographer / Founder, Montgomery Photography

Seasoned event and personal photographer, expert is use of DSLR -related cameras and videos.  A Laguna Niguel staple in upscale and charity events and business services, including American Cup Sailing photography.    

Toby Peterson , Graphics and architecture, Self-employed

A Cal-Poly graduate focused on design and presentation of efficient complexes and gathering facilities.   Graphics and organization expert, mentor and participant. 

Joe Razo, DJ/Lighting ,  Razo Entertainment *

Seasoned professional in the preparation and presentation of Audio/Video events at nationally recognized entertainment venues, charity and private events.

Michael A. Roberts,  Motivational/ Substance Abuse Speaker,

Survivor of harrowing life events dedicated to positive messaging and strength to youth in their efforts to pursue a ‘right’ and drug-free life.

Angela Burnett, Financial Accountant, Self-employed

QuickBooks certified professional with expertise in start-ups and IPO for retail.

Pete Brown, Cinematographer, Self-Employed.

Experienced cinematographer with over 450 projects delivered to small private businesses or full-feature film makers.   Expert in aerial, motion, steady-cam and all edit features, including Apple Certified Pro.

D. Scott Atkinson, Curator/Founder,  

Experienced art curator for individuals and companies; astute in both the valuation and placement; studied in appropriate presentation of valuable art collections. 

Cindy Karch Nouredamaian,  Founder, Ultera Corporation

Virginia Saldivar , Metro Professional Accounting & 

Fernando Bender, MyERPLink and Metatrader5, Hosting for SG & Associates Open Source Systems; VTiger, Front Accounting and more.  

Robert Ingraham, Auctioneer 

Renowned top-performing auctioneer sharing best-practices to generate maximum income for boutique retail and charitable purposes.  Available to consult and conduct auctions, silent or live, to deliver maximum revenue to host.